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Isidro Paiva®

Isidro Paiva®

The Isidro Paiva® brand explores the idea of insubmissive luxury, subverting and reinventing established taste categories. Nonconformist and naturally curious, it seeks to combine classical rigor with creative freedom, in a constant search for conceptual and technical solutions. It also explores the relationship between the masculine and the feminine, subverting the sexually established logics, that go beyond the prevailing doctrine of androgen, in order to fix the idea of freedom and individual choice.


The serifed typography used on the basis of the brand logo aims to represent the traditional and the contemporary, being that the font serifs have been redesigned to reflect the asymmetry and creative nature of the brand. The secondary version of the logo, inspired by sliding puzzles, deconstructs the static image of the main logo, appealing to the idea of creative interaction, representing the dynamism and nonconformism of the brand. The brand monogram consists of a simplification of the junction of the main logo and the secondary logo in order to ensure reading in small formats. Also the website was redesigned with these bases, maintaining the dynamism and rigor already recognized in the brand.

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